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About the Mining Memory Project

This project was created by a joint venture between the Franciscan friars of Mother Cabrini Friary in Shamokin, Pennsylvania and Professor Katie Faull's Studies in Autobiography Spring 2018 course at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The focus of the experience was for the students to examine the intersection of autobiography with history. For the first run of the course, the Bucknell students in the class interviewed and recorded the oral histories of a few members of the Mother Cabrini Catholic parish.

After their initial coursework, the students would travel to Shamokin and meet with their subjects. The recordings and footage were later supplemented with images provided by the subjects. 

The goal of this website is for people to be able to learn more about the Anthracite Coal Region, the people who call it home, and the significance of the church in their towns. 

Each story is unique, but they all have something in common -- the importance of community. 

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